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Stomach reduction

Bariatric Surgery by laparoscopy is a method to reduce stomach capacity and modify the gastrointestinal anatomy in order to yield significant and long-lasting weight loss in patients who want to lead an overweight-free life.

There are several options for a stomach reduction. Which one is most suitable for the patient depends on the individual circumstances and is discussed and determined beforehand with the surgeon. With the gastric sleeve we will achieve two things:

Decrease the volume of the stomach. The main and first (advantageous) consequence of vertical tubular gastrectomy is almost immediate weight loss. The patient will feel satiated by ingesting small amounts of food, so that, following some dietary guidelines and doing some daily exercise, you will be able to maintain your new weight without problems.

Decrease Ghrelin production. Ghrelin is a hormone produced at the bottom of the stomach that stimulates appetite. Since this bariatric surgery removes the bottom of the stomach, almost all Ghrelin disappears and the patient experiences loss of appetite. This helps to eliminate some of the food cravings that people who are overweight or obese sometimes experience.

Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass has long been one of the most performed methods of gastric reduction, especially in the United States. DR. TORRES only recommends gastric bypass surgery in individual cases. Although this method has shown promising results in the past, it has been and is increasingly being overtaken and displaced by gastric sleeve surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery is minimally invasive. The stomach is closed with staples just below the oesophagus and consequently cut. A connection between the small intestine and the remaining part of the stomach ensures that food is transported to the small intestine. Therefore, the stomach is bypassed.

Gastric bypass usually significantly reduces the amount of food intake, resulting in the patient losing significant weight straight after the procedure.

However, this method of reducing the size of the stomach has some disadvantages compared to gastric sleeve surgery. These include, as an example, the lifelong intake of dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals associated with the procedure.

Your health and your life are in the best hands

Professor Torres is a world reference in bariatric surgery. He directs the Unit and combines his work in healthcare with teaching.

Professor Antonio Torres

Professor and academic, he has received dozens of awards. He is the author of more than 150 publications and more than 300 congresses.

World reference in Bariatric Surgery. Director of the Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Unit at the Montepríncipe Obesity Unit, Head of General and Digestive Surgery at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos.

He is currently an active member of National and International Professional Associations: European Association of Endoscopic Surgery and Spanish Society of Surgeons (EAES), International Society for Diseases of the Oesophagus (ISDE), European Surgical Association, International Surgical Association (ISS / SIC), among others.

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Gastric bypass / stomach reduction

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Your health and your life are in the best hands

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